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inHAUS houses

At inHAUS we are committed to the highest quality in design, materials and elements used to turn our clients’ dream homes into a tangible reality. That is why we work with the latest technology, the most innovative design and the best brands in the market to offer an excellent result. In addition, our professional team of architects works to make each of our houses unique and 100% personalized, with an architectural design that makes it something spectacular.

This is the essence of inHAUS, to offer a turnkey service from the first lines to the delivery of the completely finished home, so that our clients enjoy the process and have the certainty that their investment is in good hands.

Vanguard design

The inHAUS team is formed mostly by architects, so for us the aesthetics and architecture of each house is key. Behind every project we carry out there is a team of professional designers who design every corner down to the smallest detail. In our houses nothing is chosen at random; each lighting, distribution, opening, window, overhang and material, is designed by and for that particular home. At inHAUS we advocate functionality, elegance, minimalism and innovation, adapted to the essence of each client. That is why we are 100% committed to the customization of the houses and the opportunity to choose a construction system that allows us to raise the architecture to another level, and we get it. Giving that inHAUS touch in the design of all our modular houses.


So, what are the characteristics of the inHAUS design?


Seductive volumetry

We play with different volumes and the structure of our houses to generate the greatest visual impact. To this end, we emphasize clean, simple lines and diverse geometric shapes. Thus achieving a dynamic home that reflects personalization, design and at the same time defies the challenges presented by the terrain.


Rotund Facades

The facade, along with the volumetry, is the first thing we see of a house, so it becomes crucial that the impact it generates is unforgettable. To make these facades unique, impressive and innovative we play with the combination of different materials and textures, so we can highlight parts of the most important inHAUS facades, such as overhangs and porches. The contrast of materials together with the orientation and the play of light and shadow, makes the architectural design a unique piece.


Large openings

In our models, large glazed surfaces are always present. This creates a direct visual connection between indoors and outdoors, bringing in natural light. These windows are always designed to create a harmonious link between volume and facade composition.



Lighting is key in every house, so it is important to master it and design both interior and exterior thinking about it. At inHAUS we pay maximum attention to the scenography of the house, taking into account both natural light and the appropriate indirect lighting in each place.



We seek to design fluid and connected interior spaces. Avoiding unnecessary corridors or walls and we adapt a more open approach, allowing light to flow without obstacles. We bet on spaces with double height, multifunctional spaces, spaciousness and visual cleanliness, interior courtyards and passageways that connect the spaces of the house.

High quality

At inHAUS we work with the best qualities of the market, incorporating high performance finishes and materials, always linked to committed and reliable suppliers. This quality allows us to design a complete house, taking into account every detail. That is why in all our projects we use the highest quality, with innovations, resistance and elegance.


Bathrooms with essence

In our inHAUS homes, bathrooms are designed to the smallest detail taking into account sophistication and preserving the privacy of the clients. They are spaces that reflect the style of a house and therefore, they have to be in tune with the rest of the house. In the inHAUS bathrooms we find backlit mirrors, suspended furniture, rain showers and even freestanding bathtubs, which the client can place independently in any location of the house. The design of these spaces offers endless possibilities, and few limits, that’s what we love in inHAUS homes.


100% equipped kitchens

Our kitchens are completely custom-designed for our customers, allowing them to combine elegance and functionality, giving them the opportunity to meet the individual needs that arise on a daily basis. In addition, we ensure the highest quality in all our inHAUS kitchens, thanks to the materials and brands used. The kitchen includes appliances, compact quartz countertops, functional and innovative faucets, cabinets with pull-out drawers and all kinds of fixtures and accessories, designed for practicality, designed to delight.


Spectacular stairs

The staircase is always an element to be treated with special attention, an indispensable element in our homes that we take advantage of to leave a mark in the design. We work with different possibilities according to the distribution and needs of the client, and inHAUS stairs range from spiral shapes, with landing, with glazed railings and, our favorite, the floating stairs. Every element of the house is used and exploited to showcase the quality of the design executed.


The architecture of detail

The difference is in the details and at inHAUS we know that. We play with the ceiling cut-outs to incorporate decorative lighting with LED technology and hide air conditioning lines and curtain anchors. For a more minimalist aesthetic, invisible or integrated skirting boards are used to provide fluidity and achieve a more minimalist aesthetic. Electrical mechanisms, recessed lighting, door handles and every detail is carefully chosen, nothing is left to chance.


Floor-to-ceiling doors

Invisible floor-to-ceiling doors and tall built-in cabinets communicate the spaces in a more fluid way, providing a sense of scale and continuity in the space. All this combined with floor-to-ceiling windows.


Advanced technology

An inHAUS house is an innovative house and that is why we also include home automation in its design. An example of this are the control systems such as the automation of blinds and curtains, adjustable blinds that regulate the light and its entrance, virtual assistants, piped music, among others. Allowing daily comfort and greater control of the energy efficiency of our homes.



We work with high quality materials and finishes that allow us to have no limits when it comes to design and innovation, both in exteriors and interiors.

InHAUS we find materials that reflect luxury and versatility such as large format porcelain tiles (120 x 60), technological wood, natural stone or aluminum carpentry.

All this to provide all kinds of textures, shades and geometries that complement and nurture the architectural design to achieve a well-aligned and forceful overall result.


Climate system

We use the aerothermal system, which uses the outside air to produce heat or cold. Therefore, it has a very low cost and allows us to reduce the energy bill by 70%. More and more, the Spanish regulations, in line with the European ones, give priority to the use of alternative energies; and that is why it is considered the best air conditioning system that currently exists. We also offer underfloor heating, as it allows us to be more energy efficient by distributing the temperature of a room.

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