High-end inHAUS Villas: prefabricated houses, prices and models

Discover the 111 Collection of prefabricated homes by inHAUS, including house prices and models.
Five fantastic styles of premium modular homes: Mediterranean warmth, high-tech, Oriental minimalism, Italian elegance and Nordic purity.

Architekturbüro in München Villen inHAUS: Luxus Fertighaus mit Freischwinger und spektakuläre Fassade
Modern home – Westend model

4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
473 m2
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Luxury prefababricated house Kiel
Luxury prefab house – Kiel model

5 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
358 m2
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Modern home – Bonn model

4 bedrooms
2 bathrooms
412 m2
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Architekturbüro in Köln: Villen inHAUS. Modernes Fertighaus Fassade modell Hahnwald
Modern home – Hahnwald model

3 bedrooms
3 bathrooms
195 m2
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Modern home – Nordend model

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Architekturüro in Frankfurt: Modernes fertighaus modell Riedberg
Modern home – Riedberg model

4 bedrooms
4 bathrooms
230 m2
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Luxury house – Neuss model

4 bedrooms
5 bathrooms
256 m2
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At inHAUS, we offer more than 100 different models of concrete modular homes, all of which are modern and avant-garde in design. They are genuine villas with the signature of an architectural firm. We also currently offer over 50 different designs adapted to the regulations in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Very soon, our industrialised housing will be available everywhere in Europe and the US.

The ethos of the inHAUS construction and design company is to offer fixed prices from the outset and a guaranteed delivery time: 5 months from permit approval. Our rates include special road transport, in addition to an all-inclusive system: study, design, foundations, delivery and installation of the house.

Prefabricated house prices and models

We invite you to discover the 111 Collection of prefabricated homes by inHAUS, including house prices and models. At Casas inHAUS, we have a catalogue of more than one hundred premium modular homes. We offer four main styles: Mediterranean warmth, high-tech, Oriental minimalism and Nordic purity.

At Casas inHAUS, we specialise in the development, manufacture and sale of designer modular homes. Our modular prefabricated houses are built using the best quality materials and obtain A energy efficiency rating. This page provides an updated list of all our prefabricated houses, prices and models.

Turnkey service: prefabricated houses, prices and top of the range models

Thanks to our modular prefabrication system, you can acquire your dream home and enjoy your investment in just 5 months. What’s more, it will come with a turnkey service and a fixed price. And, of course, with the guarantee of the best finishes, the most efficient carpentry, and the highest quality electrical fittings and appliances.

To begin the process, we carry out a study of your land. This allows us to find the prefabricated house model and price that best suits your needs and that meets all the requirements.

With more than a decade of experience in the sector, we provide our services to the most demanding customers. At inHAUS, we have more than a hundred prefabricated houses, prices and designer models, always based on the highest quality standards. We develop your chosen design so that it fully adapts to your preferences and needs. In summary, every square metre is 100 % tailored to you.

In other words, every model can be modified without complication and it can include different exterior finishes. On many occasions, the houses that we install are a mixture of two or three different models.

We also offer the option of designing a completely customised home through our inHAUS On Demand service. With this, you will benefit from the experience and advice of our excellent team of architects, technical specialists, interior designers, landscapers and professionals from all fields. Everything to make your home as you want it.

Visit inHAUS Lab

We invite you to get to know us with a visit to our inHAUS LAB by prior appointment. You will be able to visit several houses in the different stages of the manufacturing process. In this way, you will be able to see the whole process first-hand, from the conception of your future home to its manufacture. We also have a materials showroom where you can select the finishes for your future prefabricated concrete house.

You will be able to see for yourselves the quality of our materials and the elegance of the designs. In short, the quality of life we offer with our prefab houses.

With inHAUS, you will enjoy a comprehensive service and, most importantly, one that is committed to you both now and in the future. Thanks to our after-sales service, our company will ensure that your level of satisfaction remains exactly the same from day one. This service includes regular preventive checks to ensure that absolutely everything is in perfect working order.

Contact us now to find out what we can do for you, with no obligations. If you have not yet started the design and construction process and have not yet purchased a prefabricated house, do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us and we will answer all your questions, no commitment required.

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