Modern villas, modular homes and luxury villas

We are a prefabricated housing company and architecture studio for modern homes with avant-garde design and premium quality. inHAUS is a leading company in the sector of modular single-family homes and luxury homes in Spain. We build houses for the whole of Europe and have advanced projects in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Modular system
We build 95% of the houses in our factory, which facilitates quality, cost and time control. Our 3D structural system of steel and concrete guarantees resistance and thermal insulation to ensure the best energy efficiency.
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Design and quality
Modern, customised design thanks to our state-of-the-art architects, equipped with high-quality materials and surfaces and featuring the latest innovations and technologies.
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Turnkey service.
Closed price with all services, both the architectural design and the processing of licences as well as the manufacture, transport and installation of the house.
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Finished houses


What people say

Daniel Rüben
Daniel RübenClient
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This is my overview: It's just fast, professional and there's always a solution to anything you ask them.
Philippe Mainsel
Philippe Mainsel Client
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The reason we chose inHAUS was because the property developers around us were offering us houses that were not fully finished, whereas inHAUS offered us a fully finished product.
Sandy Rüben
Sandy RübenClient
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They are quick to communicate and it looks just as if we had done it stone by stone... that's why it's so good. Everything from a single source
Erwin Zimmermann
Erwin ZimmermannClient
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They not only fulfil our dreams, but go far beyond them
Marta Soler
Marta Soler Client
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It's a wonderful experience and I think many people should experience it. I think a unique dream has been realised for us.
Aleix Bieto
Aleix BietoArchitect client
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I would like to thank your technical team who were able to work with me on the details that were most important to us and ensure that everything was as we wanted it, with perfect rigour. I felt very comfortable, architect to architect.


111 Models

We are committed to using the highest quality building materials. From the structures used to build your prefab home to the finishes and personalised details, every element is selected to ensure the durability and aesthetics of your modular home. At inHAUS, we use our quality report to guarantee our customers the highest quality throughout the process, and they can choose from the materials to the appliances.

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These are our implantations

We are a dynamic and tireless company that likes to participate in all kinds of events, whether to share knowledge or to promote modular construction and new industrialisation systems.


We have also been honoured with awards

Design your dream house now! Tell us about your project

We develop our customers' homes comprehensively, from the moment they contact us until the keys are handed over. Every detail is developed to meet the highest design and quality standards.

Your house in 5 months

Design, customisation and turnkey construction of your home in 5 months. Contact us to discover all the possibilities.

We build your design

If you are an architect or building contractor looking for a reliable construction company with fixed deadlines and prices, tell us about your project.

inHAUS prefabricated houses: High-quality and sustainable

Modern Villas,
Modular houses and luxury villas

What is inHAUS? We are a prefabricated house company and architectural office for modern avant-garde houses in premium quality.

In Spain, we are a leading company in the sector of modular single-family homes in the luxury segment. We build for the whole of Europe and have projects in France, Germany and Switzerland.

Following strong demand from countries such as Denmark, the USA, countries in the Caribbean, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, Monaco, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands, we are planning our global expansion.

InHAUS builds your dream home in just 5 months! We then transport the modules from our factory in Valencia to any location: by land or sea. We adapt the design of the modern concrete houses to the building regulations of each country, as well as to the specific regulations for road and sea transport.

In this way, we offer a holistic and comprehensive service. We offer a fixed price system right from the start. This means that the price and delivery time are guaranteed from the outset. So there are no price increases or delays.

inHAUS takes care of the entire process, from start to finish: from the design of the house to its construction and final handover. In addition, we offer the option of a complete concept for the interior design and furniture of the entire house, with brands and companies of first-class design and quality. We can even build a swimming pool and realise a complete garden design in collaboration with a local architectural firm.

The 111 collection from inHAUS is our premium house catalogue, with more than one hundred modern house designs. We design, draw, create and build family homes of all kinds in different styles: Mediterranean warmth, "high-tech", Asian minimalism, Italian elegance and Nordic clarity. We offer a comprehensive catalogue, from various "tiny house" models to a truly luxury villa or modern estate. We always build with avant-garde designs and comprehensive technological and safety equipment.

In addition, inHAUS also offers very good solutions for the construction of any architectural design. Our own modular construction system (EMOHA), the result of our research, allows us to adapt to any architectural project. We can also manufacture apartment blocks, terraced houses and semi-detached houses and design public buildings such as schools, health centres, offices and even hotels. In this sense, the house models in the 111 collection are easily customisable and can be tailored to the customer's tastes and needs.

What do our prefabricated houses look like? The modular houses from inHAUS are premium class: with the guarantee of the highest quality and the best workmanship. They are much more sustainable homes: our manufacturing process generates significantly less waste and we increasingly use recycled and reusable materials. Our homes have a concrete and steel structure and 86% of their components can be recycled and reused.

In addition, inHAUS prefabricated houses enjoy maximum energy efficiency: we have the highest certification in every country. We even exceed the efficiency of the most demanding standards.

Thanks to the great variety and flexibility of our catalogue, our houses adapt with ease to any type of ground or plot. In fact, inHAUS is an excellent option for difficult plots - for example, with a pronounced slope or gradient.

The inHAUS houses offer extensive and varied building specifications. We have all possible alternatives to fulfil the wishes of our customers. Always with the highest quality materials and the most renowned brands.

The company inHAUS was founded by two architects, the brothers Rubén and Sergio Navarro. However, the inHAUS team is not only made up of architects, but also civil engineers, construction technicians, interior designers, landscape architects, 3D artists and designers, as well as all kinds of creatives. This allows us to offer the customer the best experience in designing their future home, guiding them from the initial idea to handing over the keys.

Villen inHAUS offers its services as an architectural office in Germany, including the following locations: