inHAUS wins two iF Design Awards

A custom home in Barcelona and an inHAUS By Fran Silvestre design, winners in the categories of Residential Architecture and Architectural Concepts.

inHAUS has won two awards at the 2021 edition of the prestigious iF Design Awards. The two projects submitted by inHAUS were already chosen in early March as finalists in the categories of Professional Architecture Concepts and Residential Architecture. This April 13th it has been made public that both projects have been worthy of this recognition, within more than 10.000 candidates.

The first of them is a custom home that was built by inHAUS in the manufacturing hall in Valencia and installed in the city of Masnou, in Barcelona. This design is a paradigm of how technological innovation allows high-end industrialized architecture to become a reality. Considered as the Oscars of the design, the iF Awards have highlighted this house in the Maresme area of Barcelona.

The other project is a design from the inHAUS By line with the signature of Fran Silvestre. Specifically, it is the FSA1 model from the inHAUS By Collection. As in the Masnou custom home, it is a sample of excellence in design with the use of innovative materials. Or, in other words, stronger and lighter products with such a creative freedom.

iF Design Awards to inHAUS, among 10.000 candidates

The iF Design Awards are one of the most important international design awards. For the 2021 edition, more than 10.000 projects from 44 different countries were submitted. The two entries from inHAUS made it to the finals, after passing the cut-off in which more than 5.000 applicants were eliminated.

A jury of 91 international experts, meeting for three days at the end of March, selected the projects with the highest level of excellence for the year 2021. In this year’s edition there were proposals from nine different disciplines. Awards were given for Product Design, Packaging Design, Communication, Architecture, User Interface, User Experience, Interior Architecture, Service Design and Professional Concept.

These nine disciplines sum up a total of 78 different subcategories. Residential Architecture is one of the six existing categories within its discipline, Architecture. In this section, the Masnou house has been awarded along with 13 other projects. In the subcategory of Concept of Architecture, within the Professional Concept, the design of Fran Silvestre Arquitectos was the only one that deserved to be awarded.

Sustainable architecture and social impact

Social impact and sustainability were two of the most important factors in this year’s edition of the iF Design Awards. These two elements are strongly rooted in the philosophy of inHAUS. The organizer of the awards is the oldest design institution in the world: the iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover (Germany).

This prestigious design forum has been celebrating the world’s best projects since 1954. In the 2021 edition it has only awarded 75 gold prizes, among the winners who have shown a higher level. Moreover, only one of them belongs to the discipline of Architecture. It is the Tongchen Hotel in Xi’an (China), a mountain resort that includes planning, environmental landscape, also adds some individual buildings and public facilities.

The modular house in Masnou (Barcelona) is a clear example of contemporary architecture of turnkey solutions. In the case of inHAUS, our homes are environmentally friendly and with a comprehensive management that guarantees deadlines and closed prices. The owners of such a home like this, and architects in general, can demand a personalized house with the convenience of modular construction practices.

Fran Silvestre and inHAUS, at the IF Design Awards

Something similar happens with the FSA1 model of the inHAUS By Collection. This design by Fran Silvestre proposes a porticoed and lightweight structure. This creation demonstrates that the system of industrialized modules makes it possible to execute designs of the most prestigious firms, as is the case of Fran Silvestre.

In addition, industrialized and modular construction provides the best climatic and safety conditions for workers, as it is manufactured, with total control, in a warehouse. It’s environmentally sustainable since it minimizes waste and emissions. This applies both in manufacturing and in reducing travelling. All these concepts, inHAUS Homes DNA, related to sustainability have been recognized by the iF Design Awards.

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