Modern house in Valencia

Customised design for a house with a terrace and designed for the sun

Fassade modernes-modulhaus-luxury-in-spanien
A completely customised house is being built in an important residential area of Valencia, Spain. The initial project began with inspiration from our 111 collection models, but the versatility of inHAUS’ modular design and the construction system developed by the company made it possible to make any changes the owners wanted. The result is a 100% customised house.
This detached house has an L-shaped floor plan that includes a veranda for sun protection. It is a modern design at the service of habitability. In addition, these L-shaped forms are reinforced to emphasise the lines of the façade, giving it an elegant rhythm.  391 m² spread over two floors. 
The house shows its Mediterranean style through the cladding of the façade with white single-layer mortar and the use of technological wood in the base of the garage. Interior design: Pepe Cabrera Homes.


Modern luxury house
in Spain

Modernes Luxushaus Spanien, Valencia

Comfort and functionality in this modular home

Valencia prefabricated house consists of six industrialised modules that make up the first floor, where the rooms are distributed.
The lower floor, on the other hand, was built in the traditional way, but with the necessary specifications to make it compatible with the industrialised inHAUS system. This lower floor is integrated into the façade, maintaining the slope, with finishes in wood tones that allow even better adaptation to the wooded surroundings of the house.

A luxury home with a designer

This high-quality prefabricated house was a challenge when it came to dealing with the unevenness of the terrain. It was decided to build a garage in the lower part of the house to raise the house to ground level. 

The result is incredible, as you can see.The main materials used for this design are single-ply and technological wood, which was mainly used on the first floor.


The kitchen is kept in neutral tones and has floor-to-ceiling cupboards to optimise the use of space. In this case, the kitchen is not open to the living-dining room, but has a central island. The choice of materials for the kitchen and other rooms is one of the most attractive moments for the owners of the house.

The bathrooms provide privacy and intimacy for the homeowners without detracting from the elegance and luxurious design of the rest of the house. It is important that the materials, the colours and the play of light and shade harmonise with the rest of the rooms in the modular home. In this way, we achieve a fluid and functional connection, always keeping the aesthetics in mind.

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On-site assembly
The modules that make up this premium prefabricated house are transported to their destination by lorry.

The modules that make up this premium prefabricated house are transported to their destination by lorry. The terrain was steep and difficult to erect. But the heavy-duty crane managed to negotiate the trees perfectly.

Design and concept
Modern house in Valencia, process of a modular dream home.
Customisation of modular house by inHAUS

Modern luxury home in Valencia, Spain

Some aspects of the house were customised to the client’s taste and problems with the morphology of the terrain were also solved. We opted for a Mediterranean-style exterior and interior design, a classic of our modular houses. An L-shaped floor plan was also proposed.

Plan and layout

Comfort at one level

This high-quality modular home in Valencia has two floors.The lower level, which is not modular, was built in traditional concrete and houses the garage, which is accessible via a lift. This level bridges a gradient of 4.5 metres on the plot.

On the first floor are the rooms and spaces customised to the needs of the owners, with two different wings, including the guest wing. It is also laid out around a planted courtyard reminiscent of biophilic design.

Main floor

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