inHAUS modular houses pricing: We explain the costs

We explain the prices of prefabricated houses. How much does a prefabricated house cost? inHAUS modular homes include the fees of all the professionals involved in the design, construction, transportation, installation, and delivery process. From architects, quantity surveyors and topographers to drivers, crane operators, construction site workers, etc. Our prices include the work of more than 80 professionals. They all work together to make a home a reality, headed by some fifteen architects, who form the core of our ‘laboratory’: inHAUS Lab.

inHAUS Infographic: Prefabricated house prices Infographic of an inHAUS ICONIC home.
Infographic of an inHAUS ICONIC home.

For example, one of the premium qualities that we provide as standard at inHAUS Homes in the 111 Collection is the work of a complete team of designers, computer graphic designers and interior designers. So, step by step, customers can see (literally, in computer images) how their new home takes shape, from screen and paper to plot.

Transporting modular homes

In addition, the prices of the inHAUS Homes Collection 111 already include transport: 400 kilometers by road; sea freight is not included. This sets us apart from what happens with other companies in the sector: transport is not included in their supposed offers. This is part of the idiosyncrasy of inHAUS to include in the price everything that is possible, that is to say, everything that does not depend on customizations or external factors.

Thus, inHAUS prefabricated house prices include the standard foundation of the houses, because this can be known in advance. They do not, however, incorporate the cost of preparing a site. This depends on the result of topographical and geotechnical surveys (which are included), so that the exact earthwork requirements and necessary adjustments can be calculated. The reason is simple: if the plot is completely flat, there is no need to do any previous work.

We explain the prices
inHAUS prefabricated houses

Therefore, there is no increase in investment. However, if the plot is on a slope, it will be necessary to work on it. But this is something we cannot know before we contact a client and get to know his plot. However, once we deal with the future owner of the house and see how their plot is, we can advise and guide them. To do so, we take advantage of our extensive experience.

What does the inHAUS fixed price consist of? This is one of the advantages of Casas inHAUS: we design and build. This means that as soon as the architect draws the plan, the final price is already considered. In other types of construction, the design of an architect (from company A) must be adapted to the rates of a builder (from company B).

In this way, inHAUS can offer a closed price, completely turnkey. Because we control the cost from start to finish. That’s why there are no surprises.

Prefabricated house prices infographics Part of the inHAUS Infographics and Image team.
Part of the inHAUS Infographics and Image team.
inHAUS modular housing prices Indoor comfort with maximum air quality, with no visible grilles.
Indoor comfort with maximum air quality, with no visible grilles.

As we design and manufacture in the same company, we know the cost of each of the elements involved in the house: its measurement, its impact on workers, materials and claddings, the performance of operators … In addition, we produce a high volume of housing, and, for this reason, we get on very well with our suppliers.

Prices of prefabricated houses with garden and swimming pool 

In the same line, the prices do not include the urbanization and the design of the garden or landscaping. First, because it depends a lot on the type or size of the plot. And secondly, because it is a customer’s choice: for example, if he wants or not a swimming-pool and what type of pool would suit his plot.

On the other hand, the measurements of the houses are very exhaustive from the preliminary project and are maintained until the definition of the basic project. This is an advantage, because when the process is industrialized, the definition of the project and its valuation must be extreme, because it’s designed for industrialized production.

Another element of the inHAUS brand is that all our houses incorporate a heat recovery system. All this allows us to deliver all homes with the highest energy certification: class A. In addition, they are equipped with recovered air filters and EPA filters that contribute to a better quality of the air circulating inside the houses.

Quality factors – price of inHAUS modular homes

But one of the highlights of this house lies in what cannot be seen in its photographs: the great thermal and acoustic comfort and air quality. The total control of the construction that is done in our factory offers a very high quality of the product. And it allows construction solutions to be optimized to the maximum, to ensure the best thermal and acoustic insulation. Indoor air quality is improved thanks to filters that remove solid particles of dust, pollen and bacteria integrated into the windows during the building process.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget those external elements that intervene in the price of prefabricated or traditional houses. This is the case of raw materials. In recent months, the cost of basic materials, such as iron and steel, has increased. The price increase has almost doubled (98%) between 2020 and 2021 and another 40% in the second quarter of 2021. As a result, this has an impact on the final price.

Implantation of an inHAUS custom home in Seville. Drone view.
Implantation of an inHAUS custom home in Seville. Drone view.