inHAUS Modular homes are coming worldwide

Luxury modular houses travel around the world twice

Thanks to our off-site production system, 95% of our homes can be manufactured in our factory in Valencia and then transported and built anywhere in the world. For this reason, we have sold a total of 202 homes all over the world, including France, Germany and Spain.

We are able to take our modular homes to Nantes, Valencia, the Balearic Islands, Lisbon, Switzerland, Frankfurt, the United States… all over the world.

Our modular houses have travelled over 80,000 kilometres by land and sea

For us, there are no geographical barriers; design is possible in any part of the world. For this reason, our logistics process allows us to deliver our modular luxury homes to customers all over the world. This allows us to guarantee that your modular home arrives at its destination and is completed within the established and pre-agreed deadlines.
For those seeking the best, no matter where they are located, our turnkey solution guarantees a seamless process from home conception and design to final delivery.
By land and sea, our homes have already travelled over 80,000 kilometres by truck and ship.
To reach destinations such as Mallorca, our modular homes are transported to their destination by ship, combined with other means of transport such as lorries. Once at the destination, the modules are assembled and the house is completed on the customer’s property. This is the main difference between a conventional building process and the production of an inHAUS house.
Transportieren Luxus-Modulhaus von Villen inHAUS

inHAUS Modular homes are coming worldwide:​

Advantages of off-site production

Our construction system, based on the industrialisation of house building, enables us to design and manufacture luxury modular homes. We offer each customer a turnkey service with a fixed deadline and budget. As our homes are manufactured in our industrialised building, there is no climatic inconvenience as production is controlled at all times. In order to meet our deadlines and complete the modular home within 5 months, our professional staff work in rotating shifts so that the inHAUS modular home factory never stands still.

Umsetzung Luxus-Modulhaus von Villen inHAUS
Umsetzung Luxus-Modulhaus

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