Luxury modular home in Valencia, Spain

Modular luxury home with large overhangs from Villen inHAUS

Fassade mit technologischer Holzverkleidung und weißem Einschichtmörtel Vorderansicht eines luxuriösen Hauses im mediterranen Stil
Luxurious Mediterranean-style house in Valencia, Spain (Bétera), customised for our clients. Prefabricated house with a total area of 331 m², distributed over two floors, with an O-shaped floor plan.
This modular house has two different wings, the right wing consists of a complete suite with a large dressing room and the left wing is designed for the little ones, including a playroom. The façade has striking aesthetic projections that emphasise the horizontality of the volumetry.
A modular house almost entirely fitted out by Porcelanosa. Furniture, flooring, panelling… It is characterised above all by its aesthetics with lateral volumetry and materials such as technological wood and white single-layer mortar, which give more volume and personality to the house and its projections.
The house has an interior design and development project, also carried out by inHAUS, a complete experience.


Luxury modular home
in Valencia, Spain

Fassade Seitenansicht modernes Luxushaus mit Schwimmbad und Überhängen
Veranda und Überhang eines luxuriösen Modulhauses mit Chill-out-Bereich
Ansicht der Rückfassade eines modularen Luxushauses mit vorstehendem Aufzug
Voll ausgestattete Zimmer mit modernem Design und luxuriösen dunklen Farbtönen
Raum mit doppelter Höhe im Wohnzimmer eines Luxus-Modularhauses

Luxurious house in Valencia, Spain. Elegance and exclusivity

When we enter the house, we are greeted by an aluminium revolving door of the highest quality. We are already able to appreciate the quality of the finishes and details inside the house.
Inside we find two different wings with four bedrooms. In addition, in the living room there is a double height that creates continuity between the two floors of the house.  The living room is also aesthetically separated from the kitchen, thanks to a partition with a gas fireplace that gives cosiness to the whole space.
The floors inside the house are made of porcelain and imitation wood, as are the exterior floors and even the swimming pool. 
On the side façade there is a porch clad in engineered wood. This volume stands out from the façade to break the monotony of the side and provide dynamism, while giving importance to the staircase and the double height of the house. 
Innenarchitektur in einem modularen Luxushaus

A sophisticated interior based on Porcelanosa, designed by inHAUS

Luxurious house in Bétera, almost completely furnished by Porcelanosa, both in the exterior and in the most meticulous interior details. The flooring of the staircase, the interior and exterior floors, the swimming pool, the bathroom furniture, the 1.60 cm thick stone sink, the home accessories… and above all the kitchen with its aesthetically impressive island. 
In addition, the modular house has a completely customised dressing room: all the spaces, drawers, glass doors, lighting… all the details have been thought through and designed to reflect luxury and personality without neglecting functionality.
In general, the rooms and the interior design project were designed according to the client’s taste, in a modern and geometric style and tone. Attention was paid to every detail, cleanliness, spaciousness and similarity of spaces and lines.
Modernes Badezimmer in einer Luxuswohnung, Spiegel und Wandschrank
Cocina de lujo con isla central oscura de Porcelanosa
Luxusküche mit dunkler Mittelinsel von Porcelanosa
Kamin in der Trennwand des Wohnzimmers der Luxusküche
Insel und Schränke in einer Luxusküche mit dunkler Materialität von Porcelanosa
Customisation of an inHAUS modular house

Luxury modular home in Valencia, Spain

Modular home in Bétera, designed entirely according to the tastes and needs of its owners. A home designed and conceived to reflect luxury and sophistication through the details, finishes and materials of Porcelanosa. 
Each room emphasises the modern geometric style and tone of the clients. On the outside, the overhangs stand out, adding dynamism to the façade. These projections are coated with single-layer mortar to give the house personality and emphasise the projections and their horizontality.

Plan and layout

Luxury modular home in Valencia, Spain

The construction of this modular house is an urbanisation and interior design project, so the design and the connection between interior and exterior are thought out from the beginning. Overhangs, clean lines in the interior, details of materiality and cladding, every detail is taken care of to represent the owners’ taste for design and architecture. Two floors, aesthetically united with a double height that connects both rooms of the house.

Ground floor

First floor

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