Prefabricated house in Madrid, Spain

A prefabricated house with an interior courtyard that distributes the space

Fassade mit kühl getönter Keramikverkleidung am Fertighaus , Madrid

High-end modular house in Madrid with a Mediterranean style, completely custom designed.

A two-storey prefabricated house with an O-shaped floor plan. A total of 275 m² with three complete suites, a games room and an interior courtyard in the heart of the house that connects inside and outside in a unique way.

A prefabricated house where the main porch serves as shade for the day area totally oriented to the pool. In addition, the cube-shaped volumetry is present, highlighting the three main spaces.

Each of these spaces is aesthetically independent and preserves privacy with respect to the others thanks to its staggered distribution.



Fertighaus in
Madrid, Spanien

Garten und Swimmingpool eines hochwertigen Fertighauses in Madrid, Spanien. Seitenansicht.
Privater Innenhof im Fertighaus in Madrid

Prefabricated house in Madrid, Spain. Design and luminosity

Inside the house, there is a central element that provides the entrance with light: the patio. A patio located in the heart of the house that manages to unite the interior and exterior spaces with greater vigour thanks to the presence of plants.

It should also be emphasised that the interior and exterior floors are at the same level, which ensures the continuity of the space. These small details reinforce the connection between the house and the outside.

On the lower floor of this prefabricated house there is a kitchen-dining room open to the living-dining room. To demarcate the spaces but still ensure continuity, there are elements such as the patio and the wood-panelled wall where the TV is located.

The panelling of this wall is exactly the same as that of the walls that divide the façade into three rooms, using technological wood. In this way, while maintaining the aesthetics, we achieve coherence between the interior and exterior while transferring the exterior division to the interior.

Luxus Küche in fertighaus Madrid, Spanien

A sophisticated interior for a prefabricated house with a private courtyard

This prefabricated house in Madrid, Spain, is also characterised by high-quality design elements and details. One example is the cantilevered staircase that connects the lower floor with the upper floor, where the three suites with dressing rooms, bathrooms and a playroom for the children are located.
In addition, we find floor-to-ceiling doors and coffered ceilings throughout the house, where the space is utilised for the installation of blinds. In the bathrooms we find Mediterranean elements such as the texture of stone, the use of wood and white colour tones.
The rest of the rooms also follow this line, such as the kitchen: warm colours and white, oriented towards the outdoor area with the swimming pool.
Kinderzimmer Innenansicht Luxus-Fertighaus
Luxusbad im Fertighaus
Customisation of an inHAUS modular house

Prefabricated house in Madrid, Spain

The design of this modular home is completely customised, taking into account the needs and tastes of the customer. A house where the connection with the outside world is crucial. That’s why we found a courtyard in the centre that provides light to the entire lower floor of the house. In addition, light is one of the key elements of this design, and to maintain privacy, a cubic volumetry was used that gives each room privacy to the outside, but at the same time provides continuity between the interior spaces.

Plan and layout

Prefabricated house in Madrid, Spain

The design of this modular house is based on the interplay of light and shadow. A two-storey house, three complete suites, a playroom, a living-dining room, a dining kitchen and a central element: the inner courtyard. The use of the O-shaped floor plan typology and the cube-shaped volume construction allows light to penetrate all the rooms of the house, while at the same time creating verandas and privacy in the rooms.

First floor

Ground floor

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