This modular house construction in Barcelona was completely customised and carefully adapted to the client’s specifications. In this case, Casas inHAUS acts as the builder for a project developed by another architectural firm. The inHAUS system, known for its great versatility, was skilfully used to seamlessly adapt to the specifications of this project.

200 m²



The house, with an impressive surface area of 200 m², has unique features, including a spacious porch that opens onto the terrace without visible supports. In addition, it is characterised by terraces on all the roofs of the building, which reinforce its connection with the surroundings.
The building is supported by a modular basement made entirely of masonry.
Upon entering the ground floor, the visitor is greeted by a modest entrance hall, to the right of which is a bathroom. As one enters the space, a flowing sequence unfolds, encompassing the living room, dining room and kitchen in an open-plan layout. This layout promotes a feeling of spaciousness in all areas and facilitates interaction between them. From this floor, there is access to the patio, where there is a swimming pool that invites you to relax and unwind.
A staircase leads to the upper floor, where the sleeping area is located. This sleeping area consists of a master suite and two complete single bedrooms. On the upper floor is also the impressive terrace, which extends over the entire roof area and offers a privileged outdoor space for various activities and contemplation.


We interviewed Aleix from BIETO ASSOCIATS ARQUITECTES in Barcelona, an architect who works with inHAUS houses. He tells us about his experience in realising the modular house that he wants to industrialise for his clients. This process was carefully calculated, thought out, customised, manufactured and designed by our inHAUS team of architects in collaboration with another architect who sees the future of industrialisation in construction. This is a great advantage as it brings together the knowledge of both architects, creating a broader vision and creating exceptional modular homes.

“It was worth it and we will certainly do it again”.


The modules that make up this high-quality prefabricated house were transported to their destination by lorry. In this case, the basement was completely manufactured in the factory and only brought into the property during implantation. The plot was located in a consolidated area and was difficult to build on. However, the heavy-duty crane managed to preserve the trees, lampposts and other elements perfectly.

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