The Formigal is one of the most impressive models in the inHAUS Collection 111 and prides itself on its powerful cantilevers. This Mallorca home builds on its design but goes further, eliminating the supports from one of its volumes and growing spectacularly on the edge of a steeply sloping site.






This spectacular premium modular house on Mallorca is the result of a triumph: the victory of design and technology over the impassability of a previously untamed terrain. The EMOHA modular system developed by inHAUS has elegantly conquered a terrain with a height difference of 11 metres between the highest and lowest points. Thus, an impotent dwelling appears to dominate from a vantage point above breathtaking natural views.

The special feature of this house in a prestigious residential area of Mallorca is that it is a “cross house”: The upper volume is perpendicular to the ground floor structure, creating an attractive figure with two overhangs facing the two main façades

Access to the house is under these overhangs, which are almost 3 metres long and provide an undeniable and pleasant feeling of safety and protection when entering a property with such an unevenness.

An impressive staircase interrupts the path and tames the steep path.
The second, somewhat steeper overhang, which is up to 3.5 metres high, offers a beautiful vantage point over the pool area with a view of the wooded Balearic garden. Another enormous strength is revealed here: the one that guarantees maximum privacy for the residents of the house.
This rest area also has a relaxation area that offers excellent moments of privacy in its chill-out zone.
The day area of the house and the master bedroom are located on the ground floor. The actual night area overlooks the previous one from above, where there are three more bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office.
This house, which comes from the Formigal model on which it is based, does not completely abandon its elegant Italian style. However, it is given a certain Mediterranean touch that is so typical of the area, albeit with porcelain tiles in cream and beige tones that are softer and warmer. Technological woods complete the palette of natural colours.


The cross shape of the floor plan of this house, an evolution of the H of the Formentor model, creates multidirectional views with its four large modules rotated by 90 degrees. The south-west orientation of the swimming pool area allows the use of afternoon light, which is softer in such a warm area.

Ground floor

First floor


.We interviewed one of our customers who decided to build a modular house in Mallorca. In this interview, he tells us about his experience with the team of architects from inHAUS houses and the offsite construction method, which is a great advantage for customers who do not live in the same place where the house is to be built.
“They always have a very professional solution”.

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